Instituto de Línguas Helena Nicolau was created in October 1964, as an extension of the Institut Français and the Luso-British Association of Oporto, with the support of the City of S. João da Madeira. Having become a department of the Alão de Morais Cultural Association in December 1995, Instituto de Línguas is a non-profit institution devoted to teaching and the advancement of foreign languages and cultures.

Instituto de Línguas also works with external institutions, organizing courses in schools, businesses and other establishments. We also provide translation and interpreting services.

Instituto de Línguas celebrated its 50th anniversary on 25 October 2014, changing its name to Instituto de Línguas Helena Nicolau, honouring its director of more than 30 years.

  • Regulation

    Instituto de Línguas Helena Nicolau


Annual registration.
Requirements: Identification Card, one photo per course, payment of registration and first month/quarter.


Regular: 8 students minimum.
Eventually, classes with fewer students can be created, under different conditions than regular courses.
The school may change students to different classes for pedagogical reasons or others, or merge classes if the need arises.

Weekly schedule

2 or 3 hours per week.

School year and Holidays

According to what is established by the Ministry of Education.

School supplies

Books, notebooks and other supplies are the responsibility of the student.

Level of enrolment

Students with previous knowledge of a language will be given a placement test to determine the level of enrolment.

Termination of enrolment

Termination of enrolment is only valid when the Administrative Office is given formal notice. In the case of minors, notice should be given by the parent or guardian.
Failure to do so will imply the continuation of payment, even if the student is absent.


After the third consecutive absence, the student or their guardian must give formal notice as to the reason for their absence.



1st Quarter
at the time of registration

2nd Quarter
first week of December

3rd Quarter
first week of March



Up to the 5th of the month in question.
The month of June is paid in advance at two different times, half each time.

Failure to comply with these dates implies an increase of 25% in the total amount due.


The student will not be allowed to attend any classes if payment of the previous month is not in order.
When the student is absent, no matter the number of absences, the month is paid in full.
As you register, a minimum attendance of 3 months is mandatory, with the respective payment, save by reason of force majeure.


At the end of the school year the student must sit the respective exam in order to enrol in the following level.
The school is in charge of exam enrolments and the delivery of Certificates and Diplomas.
The price of any exam, internal or external, will be set in advance, and only after payment is confirmed may the students sit their exam.
On the day of the exam there won’t be regular classes.


Students should behave properly at all times.
Late students will have a tolerance of 5 minutes to enter the classroom.

The school reserves right of admission or exclusion of any students for failure to comply with this regulation.

Note: Registration implies the acceptance and compliance with this regulation and payment conditions.

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